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Dr Kowchika

"Hand embroidery is not just about needle and thread work.  It nurtures and rapidly develops multiple life enhancing skills to thrive in this ever changing world"

Dr Kowchika

Private mentorship offers

Private 1:1 class 

  • 1:1 private dedicated class
  • Focus on learning and implement easy embroidery
  • Create a personalised design
  • ​Learn a lifelong skill that you can do on daily basis to enhance your emotional intelligence to create the success you want in all aspects of life

Full Day Small Group Private class

  • Family or Friends or Work colleagues
  • Easy introduction to hand embroidery in small group settings
  • Subject to availability

Elite level Private Mentorship

  • Daily call for action and review
  • Accountability, Build your invisible skills such as focus, concentration, will power, patience 
  • Suitable only for highly dedicated individuals
  • ​Limited spots
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